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Deb Howes

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President, HSI | Museum Thought Leader | Digital Learning Specialist

Deborah Howes is an award-winning professor, museum leader, art historian, and media producer who will conduct relevant research, help select the right tools and teams, and design content strategies. Her 30 years of executing landmark projects for world-class museums & academic institutions will serve all your digital learning goals.

PRESIDENT, Howes Studio Inc (current)

With team of experts, consults on educational initiatives requiring digital tools and platforms for institutions of all sizes and types.  Produces learning experiences that reflect current best practices in pedagogy and technology, as well as connect publics with primary source materials, such as museum collections, in new, engaging and accessible ways. 

Professor & designer, online M.A. Museum Studies program at Johns Hopkins University (current)

Nine years combined teaching part and full-time for M.A. program in Museum Studies. Served as full-time assistant director during inaugural years of program, working closely with Director to invent administrative, pedagogical and scholarly practices. Create & teach online and onsite courses on museum technology, strategy and education. Recruit professionals for faculty. Program generates significant revenue for university, retaining approximately 350 students annually. 

Innovation leader, senior producer and manager at The Metropolitan Museum of Art & MoMA

Sixteen-years combined experience in senior-level positions at two world-class institutions; directed teams supporting educational initiatives from leading the technological re-invention of a 35,000 sf learning center and producing an endowed, encyclopedic online resource for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, to innovating online courses, including MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses), that continue to generate revenue for The Museum of Modern Art and 

International Speaker, teacher & author                

Twenty-five years of presenting and publishing on museological, technological and educational topics. Recent highlights include: MOOC workshop at the 2016 Museums and the Web conference; Blog post on new SFMOMA app; STEAM theme presentation for annual 2016 Digital Media Learning Conference and lectures on digital learning for the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, broadcast to hundreds of museums across Russia.